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Issued DateIssuing Jurisdiction(s)StatusExpiry DateExceptionType

Active Cease Trade Orders

2017/06/13QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Gerson Paul
2017/05/30QCAmendedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Jean-Claude Vachon
2017/05/23QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Eagle Premium Financière inc.
2017/02/08QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Jean-Claude Vachon
2017/02/08QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Michel Drolet
2016/11/04QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Antoni Snopek; Karatbars International Gmbh;; Michel Desroches;; Robert La Rivière;
2016/08/31QCIssuedNoneNoBan Securities Trading BY
Fabrice Mvondo
2016/08/31QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Daniel Salanon
2016/06/13QCIssuedNoneNoBan Securities Trading BY
Alexandro Garcia
2016/06/09QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Antoine Bouthillier;; Antoine Charbonneau;; Charley Wion;; Christopher Terry;; Daniel Jason Westby;; Finance Stratex inc.;; International Markets Live inc.;; Makir Volcy; Marc-Antoine Bourbonnais;; Maxime Robichaud;; Samuel Jacques;; Simon Brisebois;; Étienne Champagne;
2015/11/05QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
KJRVS inc.; Kevin Awad
2015/10/15QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Archibald Robertson
2015/10/01QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Vacances Caribana inc.
2015/10/01QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Michel Ange Romain
2012/12/19QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
David Kam; E=MC2 Company inc.; Pöle Nord de l'Amérique inc.
2007/05/31QCIssuedNoneNoBan Securities Trading BY
9151-5270 Québec inc.; Basso, Sylvie; Béliveau, Michelle; L'Italien, Berchmans; L'Italien, Lisette; L'Italien, Michel; L'Italien, Pauline; Les Investissements Noble & Finance inc.; Noble & Finance inc.; Rousseau, Fleurette; Services Financiers l'Italien inc.
2007/05/28QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Gravel, Martine
2007/03/05QCIssuedNoneNoBan Securities Trading BY
9151-5270 Québec inc.; L'Italien, Michel; Les Investissements Noble & Finance inc.; Noble & Finance inc.; Water Bank of America (USA) inc.; Water Bank of America inc.
2007/02/27QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Charron, Guy; Gauthier, Huguette; Gestion Guychar (Canada) inc.; Lanthier, Richard
2007/01/12QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
9042-0373 Québec inc.; Lavoie, Simon; Le Groupe Financier Uni; Longpré, Sylvie
2006/10/16QCAmendedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
Matteo, Lino P.
2006/02/10QCIssuedNoneYesBan Securities Trading BY
9114-9716 Québec inc. (Groupe Conseil Cogetax inc.);; Barrette, Yvan;; Laroche, Jean-François;; Laroche, Yvon;; Lévesque, Johanne;

Inactive Cease Trade Orders

2006/10/17QCRevokedNoneNoBan Securities Trading OF
SPEQ 9119-1502 Québec Inc.
2006/04/06QCRevokedNoneNoBan Securities Trading OF
Brasserie Belgh Brasse Inc.
2006/02/02QCRevokedNoneNoBan Securities Trading OF
Biomatera Inc.
Search Results Page of 3 (72)