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NameIssuing Jurisdiction(s)StatusExpiry DateExcpFFCTOType
2022/05/09Eve & Co IncorporatedONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Eurogas International Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Clearford Water Systems Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Chalice Brands Ltd.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Canadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Intellabridge Technology CorporationONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Media Central Corporation Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Victory Nickel Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Silk Energy LimitedONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06American Aires Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06MJardin Group, Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Ikanik Farms Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06PERSONAS SOCIAL INCORPORATEDONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Optima Medical Innovations Corp.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06CVR Medical Corp.BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Viridis Holdings Corp.BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Intercontinental Gold and Metals Ltd.BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Poplar Creek Resources Inc.AB-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Discover Wellness Solutions Inc.AB-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/05/06Prospera Energy Inc.ABIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
DAVID, Samuel; KENNA, Matthew
2022/05/06CoinAnalyst Corp.ONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
ROSS, John
2022/05/05Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc.ONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Jiwan, Moe
2022/05/05Voir ordonnanceQCIssuedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading BY
Foss, Eric; Piette, Michel
2022/05/04 Red White & Bloom Brands Inc.ONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
2022/05/04Flower One Holdings Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
GRANT Araxie; O'KEEFE Kellen
Search Results Page of 578 (14450)