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NameIssuing Jurisdiction(s)StatusExpiry DateExcpFFCTOType
2022/08/05Radient Technologies Inc.ONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
2022/08/05Skychain Technologies Inc. BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/08/05ACGT DNA Technologies CorporationBC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/08/05CannAmerica Brands Corp.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/08/05LeanLife Health Inc.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/08/04PlantX Life Inc.ONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
KHAN, Shariq; RAPKIN, Lorne
2022/08/03AM Resources Corp.QCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/08/03Radient Technologies Inc.ABIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
HARIHARAN, Prakash; KAURA, Harry
2022/08/03Empower Clinics Inc.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/08/03Gnomestar Craft Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
2022/08/03Bevcanna Enterprises Inc.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2022/08/02Australis Capital Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
BOOTH Terrence; PAUL Jon
2022/08/02Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
2022/08/02PlantX Life Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
KHAN Shariq; RAPKIN Lorne
2022/07/29GénéraleQCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Eva Rose Beauté inc.; Eva Rose Capital inc.; Larivière, Vanessa
2022/07/29Sunniva Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
Partial revocation for KPMG INC.
2022/07/261111108 Alberta Ltd.ABIssuedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading BY
2022/07/26New Wave Innovations Ltd.ABAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Magneson, Allan Robert
2022/07/25Voir ordonnanceQCAmendedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading BY
FORTIN-DOMINGUEZ, David; PROULX-OLOKO, Samory; Technologies Crypto inc.
2022/07/25All SecuritiesONIssued2032/07/25No Ban Securities Trading BY
CARTU, Joshua
2022/07/25All SecuritiesONIssued2037/07/25No Ban Securities Trading BY
CARTU, Jonathan
2022/07/22Voir ordonnanceQCIssued2025/07/22Yes Ban Securities Trading BY
Poitras, Stephen;
2022/07/19Pine Valley Mining Corporation ONAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2022/07/19ALL SECURITIESONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
UITVLUGT, Christopher
2022/07/19ALL SECURITIESONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
TOBIN, Morrie
Search Results Page of 578 (14430)