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NameIssuing Jurisdiction(s)StatusExpiry DateExcpFFCTOType
2021/12/22Northern Sphere Mining Corp.ONAmendedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
Partial revocation - 2176423 Ontario Ltd.
2021/12/22All SecurititesONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
HANDA, Rakesh
2021/12/22All SecuritiesONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Miner Edge Corp.
2021/12/22All SecuritiesONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Miner Edge Inc.
2021/12/21Rome Resources Ltd.BCAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2021/12/20Horizon Petroleum Ltd.ABAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2021/12/16Astro Aerospace Ltd.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2021/12/16GENERALBCIssuedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading BY
SMITH, Kenneth Edward
2021/12/15All SecuritiesONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
Threegold Resources Inc.
2021/12/15All SecuritiesONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Threegold Resources Inc.
2021/12/13Quantum Energy Inc.BCAmendedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading OF
Partially Revoked for Steven John Hammer and Melissa Jane Hammer
2021/12/13Rooster Energy Ltd.BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2021/12/10Berkley Renewables Inc.BC-ONAmendedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2021/12/06Zone Resources Inc.BCAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2021/12/06Cuda Pétrole et Gaz inc.QC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2021/12/03BYT Holdings Ltd.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2021/12/03XRApplied Technologies Inc.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2021/12/03Avisa Diagnostics Inc. ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2021/12/01Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals, Inc.BCAmendedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading OF
Partially Revoked for BMO InvestorLine Inc. Clients
2021/12/01MGX Minerals Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
KIKAUKA, Andris; WANG, Sandey
2021/12/01Voir ordonnanceQCIssuedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading BY
2021/11/30Icanic Brands Company Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
CHERRY, Christopher; KOU, Brandon
2021/11/30HeadsUp Entertainment International, Inc.ABAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2021/11/30Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd.BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading BY
DAVIDSON, Malcolm; GEEN, Patrick
2021/11/30GreenBank Capital Inc.ONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Search Results Page of 575 (14361)