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NameIssuing Jurisdiction(s)StatusExpiry DateExcpFFCTOType
2020/12/10Saint Jean Carbon Inc.ABAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
2020/12/09Titus Energy CorpABAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2020/12/09Titus Energy Corp.BCAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2020/12/09Isodiol International Inc.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/12/08Forbes Energy Services Ltd.AB-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/12/08Global Cannabis Applications Corp.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
MOORE, Bradley Donald
2020/12/07Summus Solutions N.V.BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/12/07Atikin Investment Inc.BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/12/04Zecotek Photonics Inc.BCIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/12/04Primo Nutraceuticals Inc.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/12/02MGX Minerals Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
FORAN, Neil; POWER, Patrick
2020/12/01Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd.BCCancelledNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
DAVIDSON, Malcolm; GEEN, Patrick
2020/12/01Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
2020/12/01Last Mile Holdings Ltd.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
SMITH, Maxwell
2020/12/01Nutritional High International Inc.ONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Durfy, John James; Wilson, Robert
2020/12/01GreenBank Capital Inc.ONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Lonsdale, David; Nagamatsu, Miles
2020/11/25Vatic Ventures Corp.BC-ONAmendedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/11/24Jaguar Resources Inc.ABIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/11/20General Moly, Inc.ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/11/19Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.AB-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/11/19Apex Resources Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2020/11/18Copper Point Mining Corp.BCAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2020/11/18China Keli Electric Company Ltd.BCAmendedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/11/17Arcland Resources Inc.BCAmendedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2020/11/17ALL SECURITIESABIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Search Results Page of 572 (14295)