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NameIssuing Jurisdiction(s)StatusExpiry DateExcpFFCTOType
2018/06/26Apple Green Holding, Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2018/06/26Aphrodite Investors Group Inc.NSIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2018/06/26Coperstone LimitedSKIssued2019/11/30No Ban Securities Trading BY
2018/06/26Coperstone Partners LimitedSKIssued2019/11/30No Ban Securities Trading BY
2018/06/25Oil Optimization Inc.BCAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2018/06/22Colmex Pro LimitedSKIssued2018/07/22No Ban Securities Trading BY
2018/06/22All SecuritiesONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Inverlake Property Investment Group Inc.; Wheatland Business Park Ltd.; YONG, Alfredo Miguel (aka Michael)
2018/06/18REGI U.S., Inc. BCAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2018/06/18Global Networks Corp.BCAmendedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading OF
Partially revoked for Richard James Bauer
2018/06/15All SecuritiesONIssued2024/06/15No Ban Securities Trading BY
CHENG, Benedict
2018/06/14All SecuritiesONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
SMITH, Clayton Edward
2018/06/13Global Networks Corp.BCAmendedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2018/06/13All SecuritiesONIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
BENNETT, Wayne Loderick
2018/06/11Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc.BCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading OF
2018/06/05Mag One Products Inc.BC-ONIssuedNoneNoYesBan Securities Trading OF
2018/06/01All SecuritiesONIssued2020/06/01No Ban Securities Trading BY
2018/06/01All SecuritiesONIssued2019/06/01No Ban Securities Trading BY
2018/05/30GénéraleQCIssuedNoneNo Ban Securities Trading BY
Bertrand Lussier
2018/05/25voir ordonnanceQCIssuedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading BY
Gilles Fiset
2018/05/24Flexfi Inc.BCIssued2022/05/24Yes Ban Securities Trading BY
2018/05/24GENERALBCIssuedNoneYes Ban Securities Trading BY
2018/05/22GENERALBCAmended2018/10/05Yes Ban Securities Trading BY
WONG, Chi Kay; WONG, Dixon
2018/05/22GENERALBCAmended2018/10/05Yes Ban Securities Trading BY
PAN, Chun Ying; PAN, Jim
2018/05/22GENERALBCAmended2018/10/05No Ban Securities Trading BY
TSAI, Meng Cher; TSAI, Philip
2018/05/22FS Financial Systems Inc.BCAmended2018/10/05No Ban Securities Trading BY
Search Results Page of 565 (14119)